Rental Policies

Rental Policies


No one under the age of twenty-five ( 25 ) is permitted to drive / operate the rented vehicle.


Your driver’s licence must be at least two ( 2 ) year old and should not have any endorsement . Your valid home licence is accepted for driving in Jamaica.


The renter may authorise other person(s) to operate the vehicle, however, a CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. representative must meet these person(s) to check their drivers licence. The additional driver(s) will be equally responsible for the vehicle and required to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the rental agreement. Should the rented vehicle be seen driven by an unauthorised driver, CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. reserves the right to seize the said vehicle without recourse to the renter.


It is CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. policy to provide a full tank of petrol. A deposit will be taken for same, simply return a full tank of petrol and you will be refunded in full. Vehicles returned with less than a full tank of petrol will attract a service charge plus the cost to refuel the vehicle.


One day’s rental is equivalent to twenty-four (24) hours therefore a vehicle that is rented at 11 : 00 am on Monday should be returned at 11: 00 am on Tuesday. However, we will allow a grace period of up to one hour maximum without any additional charge, provided that the one hour falls within CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. opening hours .Beyond the one hour grace period and up to four (4) hours will attract hourly rates as set by CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. which are one quarter of daily rates. Periods exceeding four hours will be considered an extra day’s rental. If the Renter fails to return the vehicle on due date or within 24 hours following a written or oral demand to Renter by CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD., then the Renter shall be deemed to be in possession of the vehicle unlawfully and CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. will report the said vehicle as stolen.The rented vehicle must be returned to the offices of Cavanor Auto Rentals Ltd.


1) The vehicle must not be driven/operated by any unauthorized person .
2) The vehicle should not be driven/operated if any of the following apply:-

  • A revoked or suspended licence.
  • To transport people or property for compensation.
  • To give driving lesson.
  • To enter competitive racing.
  • It is recognized that further use of the vehicle will cause damage (for example, if there is an oil light on, or if steam or smoke is being emitted from the engine.)
  • Any illegal activity.


In the event of an accident the Renter must promptly report any accident involving the vehicle to CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. and the police.The Renter should promptly deliver to CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. every document relating to any claim or legal action arising out of any accident and shall co-operate with CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. and it’s insurers in the investigation and defense of any claim or legal action. The Renter will be required to complete an accident / loss report within 24 hours of the accident. All daily charges will continue to be levied until the Renter returns the vehicle and keys.


The Government requires 15.0 % sales tax on all rentals ( G.C.T )


Cash and all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards are accepted.


Customers who wish to extend the rental period must communicate with CAVANOR AUTO RENTALS LTD. office before the rental contract ends, to make payment and have a new contract issued.


Cancellation must be received at least twenty-four ( 24 ) hours before the start of rental contract . In the event of cancellation, we will refund all charges except the non-refundable administration fee to the credit card number which was supplied for booking. We will not refund to a third party credit card.


Vehicle(s) must be returned in the same condition as received . Excessive staining or damage to the interior will attract a charge.